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 Meeting Times

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PostSubject: Meeting Times   Meeting Times Icon_minitimeWed Jun 29, 2011 4:21 am

Clan Meeting Times for all Branches: Please remember you only have to go to 1 clan meeting a week.

You will recieve an inv by different people each time a meeting is being ran. Clan meetings are to be run by MJRS and above, and Captains and above run Staff Meetings. No Guests are allowed in any clan meetings or staff meetings unless authorized by General of branch.



Clan Meetings are on TUESDAYS and SATURDAYS

5pm or 10pm EASTERN

4pm or 9pm CENTRAL

3pm or 8pm WESTERN

2pm or 7pm PACIFIC

Staff Meetings are on Mondays and Fridays

Same times as listed above.

***Clan Meetings cover:***

-How your branch is doing

-How to go about getting a recruit (who you need to help you with recruit.. ex: SGT or LT read code.. etc..)

-Mention any tournements/contests going on

-Mention Websites, where coc/ranking structure can be found. etc.

-Ranking Structure



-Clan Custom Games

***Staff Meetings Cover:***

-How your branch is doing

-Tournaments/Contests-if none, assign people to start one

-Recommendations for branch/clan

-Recommended Promotions


-Clan Custom Games

***Command Meeting***

-Talk about each branch specifically- Ex- Branch offs, promos. etc.

-Major Promotions



-Clan Custom Games

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Meeting Times
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