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 Sangheili Army

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Co-Owner - 1SG

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PostSubject: Sangheili Army   Sangheili Army Icon_minitimeSat Jun 11, 2011 12:17 pm

It was a good game. We went 2 and 0 for our first clan match. Oohrah Boys! Way to bring home the gold. It went really well with a 100 over an 83. Then the second round came up, DeadleDestroya had to leave, so we were at a disadvantage with a 3v4. Our boys here showed great teamwork by still coming out on top with a VERY close 100/94. { Players were: Vexiox2234, DeadleDestorya (1/2), sasuke444, and z Revilo. If you see them around give em' a congrats, they earned it.

After Action Report. 1st Round.

Sangheili Army Hemorr10

After Action Report. 2nd Round.

Sangheili Army Hemorr10

Sangheili Army Newsig
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Sangheili Army
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