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 105th ODST Helljumper Division

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Co-Owner - 1SG

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PostSubject: 105th ODST Helljumper Division   105th ODST Helljumper Division Icon_minitimeSun Jun 12, 2011 6:29 pm

105th Helljumpers

2 LT Travission of the 105th ODST Division.


Best ODST clan in the entire HALO UNIVERSE!!


The clan is being lead by Colonel Rybo. Other High-Command members are LilxDevon, Dragon, 1st LT Dunbar, 2nd LT Bobbysocks, and me.

What we Do:

Recruit members to join our cause, (refer to "Accomplishing?")

Any other questions? Send them to either ReFleX v1, or Vexiox2234. He will relay them to me.

105th ODST Helljumper Division Newsig
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105th ODST Helljumper Division
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